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OpenSlides for associations

  • conduct legally compliant elections and electronic voting
  • reduce the organizational overhead in the preparation of your general assembly
  • central management of agendas, list of speaker, and files

Digitally organize general assemblies

From small association meetings to large general meetings, annual general assemblies, delegate meetings or regular board meetings – OpenSlides supports associationsand organizations in a variety of ways. Regardless of whether it is a face-to-face, hybrid or completely virtual event – all these event formats can be effectively conducted with OpenSlides. Adapt the functions individually and optimize the use of OpenSlides exactly according to your requirements and needs.

Efficient event organization with OpenSlides

Central agenda, files, attachments, speaker lists – significantly reduce the preparation time for your events with OpenSlides. Benefit from transparency, real-time changes, availability of data for employees and event management. Create PDF exports for your minutes at the touch of a button and benefit from the functional scope of OpenSlides in both the preparation and follow-up phases.

During the event, the various projectors help you to keep an eye on everything – on a small stage with one screen or in a large convention hall with several screens and chyrons, preview monitors for the moderators and the display in the autopilot on mobile devices. A very popular function for structuring the event is the speech list in combination with timers.

Safe time on elections and voting

Carry out legally compliant voting and elections and choose from a wide range of possible voting parameters: vote weights, transfer of voting rights, long-running votes for circular resolutions, voting with Yes/No/Abstain options and many other voting methods. Votes can be cast from any device with an up-to-date browser, whether laptop, tablet or smartphone. Significantly speed up processes and procedures, to give you more time for networking and discussions at meetings. Find out more about the election module and electronic voting.

Small, medium, large – OpenSlides is scalable

Whether you are meeting with a small committee and want to manage the agenda, files and circular resolutions centrally or are preparing for your annual general assembly at federal level, where motions are submitted and voted on – regardless of whether you meet in presence, hybrid or completely virtually: use the functions of OpenSlides to suit your needs! Take advantage of the wide range of modules and set individual priorities.

We can provide you with support and additional services to help you run your event – tailored to your requirements. We will be happy to advise you and find the optimal solution for you.

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