Use the integrated electronic voting system: Define the user group entitled to vote. Only participants who are set to present and authorized to vote in OpenSlides may vote. Nominal and non-nominal voting is possible, elections and surveys. With OpenSlides, legally secure, secret voting is possible. A legal evaluation is available.

  • Legally binding voting on motions (Yes/No/Abstain) and elections (1-in-n or n-in-m) possible
  • Nominal (who voted how) and non-nominal (anonymous) voting possible
  • Voting-eligilbe user groups(s) can be selected per voting procedure
  • Only users that are set to present and selected as eligible to vote are allowed to participant in voting on OpenSlides
  • Individual vote weighing can be activated per user
  • Vote transfer (principal and proxy) possible
  • Single vote proof possible for nominal votings