OpenSlides was already used successfully on a multitude of different events. Here is a selection of references.


Unions benefit from the broad functional scope of OpenSlides at many levels.

  • depict complex motion debates and forward motions
  • electronic voting and legally compliant elections
  • participant management and differentiated rights management
  • central management of agendas, lists of speakers and files


OpenSlides can be used to debate and adopt motions from district level to the parties’ national convention.

  • debate and adopt motions, proposals and amendments
  • forward motions to committees and manage workflows across the organizsation
  • linking with your member database and differentiated rights management

Associations, federations and organizations

OpenSlides supports and optimizes the processes involved in preparing and holding meetings.

  • conduct legally compliant elections and electronic voting
  • reduce the organizational overhead in the preparation of your general assembly
  • central management of agendas, list of speaker, and files

Health care and social communities

OpenSlides supports recurring meetings and the annual general assembly.

  • voting on motions and elections
  • central management of agenda and files
  • organize board, advisory board and delegate meetings

Youth organizations

OpenSlides promotes participation and opportunities for young people to help shape the organization.


Modernize structures and processes with OpenSlides.

  • organize synods and convocations digitally
  • discuss and adopt motions
  • list of speakers and transparent agendas

Sports and leisure associations

OpenSlides supports complex association structures and simplifies the organization of meetings.

  • electronic elections and voting
  • vote weights and transfer of voting rights
  • organize the list of speakers and agenda digitally

Institutions of higher education

OpenSlides promotes democratic participation at universities, whether at student or academic level.